Division of City Schools – Mandaluyong

DepED – Mandaluyong

Library Hub


Administrative Aide
Joni Quinit


Rules and Regulation

Head Teachers, Administrators and newly designated teacher-librarians will be oriented on the services, rules and regulation of the hub. This program is conducted at the beginning of every school year.
 Teacher – Librarians in the division must register in the Division Library Hub by
filling up a registration form.
 Only public schools in the Division of Mandaluyong City are allowed to borrow
Monday to Friday  – 8:00am – 3:00pm
 Teacher – Librarians should prepare a list of books to be borrowed and returned through the Hub Librarian. Books to be borrowed can be pick-up a day after the submission of lists to the hub.
 Each school is entitled to borrow a maximum of 10 titles subject to the availability of
 Materials can be borrowed on a first come first serve basis.
 The hub adopts the following schedule in borrowing and returning of books.
Mondays to Wednesday – 8:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday and Friday – 8:00am – 3:00pm

 Affix the signature of the teacher-librarian or any authorized representatives in the
borrowers’ form where all the materials borrowed listed. One copy of the form will
be given to the borrower and one copy for the hub.
 Borrowed materials should be returned on the specified due date
 Swapping and exchanging of books and bins is strictly not allowed.
 Teacher – Librarians must keep a logbook/record of library hub book borrowers in
their school libraries to minimize the loss of materials.
 In case of lost books, the borrower school shall replace with the same
title/author/edition and publisher.
 Damaged book must be repaired before returning to the hub.
 The school head, the teacher-librarian and the classroom teacher concerned shall
be held accountable for the reading materials borrowed from the hub.

The School Heads, school/teacher-librarians or any representative
authorized are allowed to borrow bins of books for the school. In case of their
retirement/separation from the service, clearance regarding Library Hub
borrowed books and other materials must be secured. (Library Hub Handbook,



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