Division of City Schools – Mandaluyong

DepED – Mandaluyong

Personnel Unit

Human Resource Management Officer – Menchie Kubayashi (OIC-HRMO)

Administrative Clerks
  • Pinky G. Pueyo
  • Rowena S. Letada
  • Lynn P. Swain
  • Joanna Vanessa E. Umbar
Online System: Human Resource Information System (HRIS)


1. Recruitment, Selection and Hiring of Teacher Applicants.

  • Applicants should submit their Pertinent Papers at a public school nearest their residence. Usual submission of Application is on January – May.
  • The School Selection Committee will then assess the Pertinent Papers based on the DepED Memorandum issued by the DepED Central Office on hiring of Teacher I Applicants. Usual Deadline of submission to the Division Office  by the schools is on the 1st week of April.
  •  Announcements for schedule of Interview, Demo-Teaching & Test by the Division Office will be on the 2nd – 3rd Week of April.
  • Deliberation of Division Sub-Committee and Division Committee of the results will be on the 1st week of May.
  • Ranking of the Results will be posted on the 2nd -4th week of May.  Ranking will be posted at the Division Office Bulletin Board and Official Website.
  • Wait to be contacted for advise on when to report at the Division Office for deployment.
2. Issuance of the following Certificates:
  • Employment
  • Annual Income
  • Service Record
  • Equivalent Record Form(ERF)
  1. Ask for a Request Slip at the Information Desk and complete the form.
  2. Pay the P15.00 BIR Fee at the Cashier Section.
  3. Present the Request Form and Receipt to any of the Personnel Staff for processing.
  4. After the Certification is signed by the HRMO, it will then be released through the Information Desk.
3. Processing of the following Requests:
  • SICK LEAVE(3 copies each)
    1. Special Order Extract (If there is Leave Credits)
    2. Basic Letter of Principal
    3. Form 6
    4. Last Day of Service
    5. Form 41 (Medical Certification)
    6. Teacher Clearance
    7. Principal Indorsement
  • VACATION LEAVE(3 copies each)
    1. Indorsement
    2. Letter of Teacher
    3. Form 6
    4. Last Day of Service
    5. D.O. Clearance
    6. Teacher Clearance
  • MATERNITY LEAVE(3 copies each)
    1. Special Order Extract
    2. Indorsement of Principal
    3. Letter of Teacher
    4. Form 6
    5. Last Day of Service
    6. Form 41
  • TRAVEL ABROAD(3 copies each)
    1. Letter to NCR from D.O
    2. Indorsement Principal
    3. Letter of Teacher
    4. Profile to Teachers
    5. Form 6
    6. Last Day of Service
    7. Expected Date of Departure
    8. D.O. Clearance
    9. Teachers Clearance
    10. D.O. Clearance
    11.  School Administrative Clearance
    12. Service Record
  • FOR CHANGE OF NAME (3 copies each)
    1. Letter of Teacher
    2. Marriage Contract
    3. Indorsement Letter
    4. Special Order
  • FOR TRANSFER (3 copies each except S.O)
    1. Letter of Teacher intending to transfer
    2. Performance Rating
    3. Indorsement to NCR ( Interposing no onjection)
    4. Indorsement from the division he/she will be transferred that he/she will be accommodated
    5. Indorsement to Principal asking to comply the requirements for transfer
    6. School Administrative Clearance
    7. Latest Approved Appointment
    8. D.O. Clearance
    9. Last Day of Service
    10. Certification of Re-unused Service Credit
    11. Service Record
    12.  D.O. Administrative Clearance
    13.  Special Order (4 copies)
    14. Letter to the division wherein he/she will be transferred (submitting the requirements)
    15. Letter to Principal funishing copy of transfer
  • FOR RESIGNATION (3 copies each except S.O)
    1. Letter of Resignation
    2. Last Day of Service
    3. Teacher Clearance
    4. D.O. Clearance
    5. School Administrative Clearance
    6. Performance Rating
    7. Indorsement Letter from the School
    8. Service Record
    9. D.O. Administrative Clearance
    10. Acceptance of Resignation
    11. Special Order (4 copies)
    12. Letter of Principal furnishing copy of resignation
    13. Letter to CSC submitting the papers
  • RETIREMENT(3 copies each)
    1. Letter to NCR from D.O.
    2. Routine Slip
    3. Application for Retirement
    4. D.O. Clearance
    5. Teacher Clearance
    6. Last Day of Service
    7. D.O. Administrative Clearance
    8. School Administrative Clearance
    9. Assets & Liabilities (LATEST)
    10. Service RecordOmbudsman

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